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Eisenach, Thüringen - (Dec 2)


The Wartburg at night.

The Warburg, which is situated above the city of Eisenach in the wooded mountains of the Thuringian forest, occupies a unique position among the landscape of German castles. Built in 1067, the Warburg's original military and political importance has given way to its role as a cultural and historical monument. Its traditional fortifications now yield to the distinctiveness of its architecture, and its role in local history recedes behind its rich national cultural significance. In the High Middle Ages, the Wartburg served as the principal seat for Thuringian counts, and won recognition as a Mecca for the best poets and minnesingers of the day. It later became the setting for the life and word of Saint Elizabeth, as well as a place of refuge for Martin Luther, the persecuted reformer. In the 19th century, the castle witnessed early indications of a free and democratic German nation with the Warburg Festival, the first national meeting of the German student societies.

Duke Carl Alexander of Weimar (19th Century)

Authorized extensive renovation work. Inspired by the ideas of transforming the castle into a monument of national significance, he ordered restoration as well as historically inspired expansion to enhance the original medieval construction.

Wartburg - Festsaal des Palas

Steffie, Our Tour Guide!!

Raiko and Stefanie, Germany's coolest couple.


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