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Bad Hersfeld, Hessen - (Nov 30 - Dec 2)
Die Kreisstadt Bad Hersfeld.



Raiko - Brian - Stefanie

These are pictures (early on in my trip) of Bad Hersfeld, Raiko, Stefanie, and me. I am proud and lucky to have Germany's coolest couple as my friends. Raiko and Stefanie have a beautiful daughter named Sophia. They took me on two road trips which included visits to Weimar and Eisenach. The hospitality was so honest, generous and sincere, that I was all choked up when I left on the train for Hannover.

Raiko - Stefanie - Rene.

Raiko and Stefanie's Artist friend. Her name is Daniela. Isn't she just so talented? She drew these pictures on her wall! I took this picture at a party they threw on Saturday night, my last night, at Daniela's fiancee' Martin's house. Martin and Daniela are planning to get married in May 2001! Congratulations Daniela and Martin!

This is a large hand painting Daniela painted of the ruin in Bad Hersfeld. Awesome.

Stefanie's smiling sister Sonja in München.

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