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London - (Dec 11 - 17)


My good friend and host Dan!

Dan in London posing with his flashy German Sports Car :)

Dan loves performing in the Choir. In this particular performance Dan had a solo.

Neil & Eleanor

Dan & Girlfriend Eleanor 


Dan took me to my first European soccer game! It was cool. The London home team "Fulham" won the game 3-1.

Dan & friend Alana

"Canada Water" Tube Station in South East London. I'm smiling and standing in front of the word "water." LOL.

Big Ben - House of Commons

After my little tour of the standard tourist spots in London, I went down to the tube station at Westminster to catch a train to Knightsbridge, but I had to change trains. While I was changing trains at Green Park, all Panic broke out as soon as an evacuation/bomb scare was announced over the public announcement system. They evacuated 100's of people at the entire station, it was very alarmist. I got out on a random train to anywhere quick! My heart was pumping, I am not used to bomb threats. On the evacuation train my eyes engaged with a cute young British girl, all I could see was total jadedness in her eyes as our train sped off through the dark tunnel...

Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. President Clinton, Hillary, and daughter Chelsea were at the Palace that morning.

London Imperial War Museum and German V2 Rocket - Deutsche Vergeltungswaffen


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